Rodial Snake Eye Cream O2

Rodial Snake Eye Cream O2

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Rodial Snake Eye Cream O2

Instantly tighten and firm the appearance of laughter lines and expression lines around the eyes with this powerful eye cream. Containing a double shot of their unique Syn®-Ake dipeptide, this lightweight yet velvety texture cream provides an energising sensation to the eye area to help cool and de-puff. Addition of Vitamin C also works to help lighten appearance of dark circles.

 Key benefits;

  • Syn®-Ake Dipeptide: Instantly works to ‘freeze’ muscle contractions, providing a skin-smoothing, line-erasing effect.

  • Oxygen Carrier: Boosts circulation around the eyes to help drain away toxins and water retention. Provides an immediate energised feeling and ‘wakes up’ the eyes.

  • Haloxyl: Helps to drain toxins from around the eyes to diminish the appearance of dark circles.

  • Hyaluronic Acid: Provides hydration and plumps fine lines.

  • Vitamin C: Helps to lighten dark circles and aids in collagen production.